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Yorae: Creation concept cover In addition to being a journalist, I am also an award nominated creative writer and published writer. My two current projects include Yorae: Creation and Apocalypse: Judgement of Man.

Yorae is my own character who I have written several short stories about over the past five years. However it was only in 2006 that I decided to write his definitive story.

The concept I came up was a trilogy of books charting Yorae’s life; from his birth to his death.These books would be called Yorae: Creation, Yorae: Existence and Yorae: Oblivion.

It should be noted that only the first two chapters of the novel that were written at the time Yorae: Creation was nominated for an award by Ziv Navoth, author of Nanotales, in an online Gaurdian sponsored Bebo Authors competition. It was shortlisted in the top 50, from several thousand entries.

Recently I have also developed an interest in photography and digital art. I personally enjoy black and white photography. For samples of this you can visit my deviantART online photo and image gallery.